Connect with your friends & neighbors and discuss the issues of the day. Find common ground and chart a path.


Take an active part in enacting positive change in the world and help others do the same, one by one.


Make your voice heard and amplify your voice with the voices of others. Together, we make a mighty ruckus.

Change the Trajectory

Let's Make Something Happen was born in the aftermath of the 2016 elections. We were unhappy with the tone of the nation and what it meant for those around us.

So we decided to do something.

Choosing to focus on community building and small tasks that produced immediate results, we wanted to align a growing desire for personal activism— and the need to see progress outside the realm of abstract ideas and multi-year, even generational, goals— with the very real need to manage time constraints with busy lives.

And we wanted everyone involved, in as near of a non-partisan environment as we could create.


Change doesn't have to be hard

Joining together to enact small changes that directly impact our world doesn't take years of planning or millions of dollars. You can make a difference today. This minute.