Our Approach

We believe in the "dripping water" approach: over time single, small drops of water can wear down even the strongest stone. It took many years to find ourselves in our current state of affairs; only many years will get us out of it. We can start small, but we'd better start today.

Our Story

We are a family. A family that's finally had it up to *here* with the direction that a minority of people wish to launch our country— particularly as they never seem to consider the real impact, on real people, of their actions. We, as a family, decided to do something about it. We started here.

Who are we?

A family. A family that wants to make a change. Maybe you and yours does, too.


Elizabeth Simpson


Organizer, activist.


Carson Simpson


Who we do it for because one day, for good or bad, she and those like her will reap what our nation sows.


Mack Simpson


Creative, strategist.

Change doesn't have to be hard.

Joining together to enact small changes that directly impact our world doesn't take years of planning or millions of dollars. You can make a difference today. This minute.