Let’s Make Something (Good) Happen

After the events of the last few weeks, Mack and I are worried for so many people in a nation we love, and we know many of you are too. We know – as you probably do too – that it’s unlikely we’ll feel the effects of this new administration and it’s proposed policies personally, but we want to help those who will.

We live in an area of the country where it often feels like our opinions are in the minority. As a result, the tendency for those with more progressive leanings is to politely stay quiet, not realizing that others who feel the same way are standing silently in the room with us. Of course, neither Mack nor I are very quiet about our beliefs and, because of that, many of you have felt safe talking to me about your fears of what’s to come. I believe we are a bigger group of neighbors and friends than each of us realizes so Mack and I are hoping to connect us all, uniting and…understanding that we all lead very busy lives… make something happen, together. We want to focus on small, actionable things that don’t require huge time commitments but that results in concrete change.

Many hands make light work, as it’s said.

Don’t worry, we are not going to hit you with a bunch of meetings. Mack has created a group on Facebook called “Let’s Make Something Happen” to facilitate connecting us so we can begin a discussion about efforts that would be the most effective considering all of our day-to-day time demands. Get out and volunteer as a group? Make phone calls to our representatives? There are lots of possibilities – so let’s decide together where we can make the most difference and how we want to organize.

Mack and I plan to host a quarterly gathering at our house, starting in January (we want everyone to enjoy the holidays). It will be a mix of social connection and more focused planning. The U.S. political groups are called parties after all and we expect this group to have a lot of fun while helping a lot of people. Mack might even put on his apron and cook.

Though many in the group will be left-leaning politically, we are hoping to be as non-partisan as possible. I don’t believe we have a Republican administration in office and I believe many who identify as Republicans are as horrified as the rest of us. This may be our opportunity to join hands and fight for what we believe our country really is – a melting pot of diversity (one of the many things that make our country great).

We look forward to joining with you to be a positive force in the midst of so much negativity and nastiness in our country.

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